VQ technology

Real Service in a virtual world

Computers. That's what we do.

Anything for small business and home users

We have been around for 30 years so we can probably help, whatever it is you need. You just have to ask.

Some of the stuff we do every day

– Advice and problem solving,
– Support; just being there to help
– Purchasing, data transfer and on-site installation,
– Printers
– Phones and tablets
– Wi-fi and broadband (Especially extending/strengthening signal)
– Protection, security and backup
– Software rental and tuition
–  Fraud prevention and digital privacy.

Dominic Rouvier

Dom joined in 2002 and, apart form all aspects of support, he can help with wi-fi, security and really challenging technical issues.

Dominic is the brains.

Roland Williams

Roly’s been around since the last century and, he too looks after support, wi-fi and broadband, solutions design, data organisation and other people’s admin.


Tal specialises in canine IT. There being none, she devotes her time to thinking about being a ferocious apex predator.